Frequently Asked Questions

At PdC Dentistry, S.C., we welcome any questions. You may want to know more about our office and what services we provide. Here is a list of common questions we receive. Please feel free to email or call us at (608) 326-8458 with any other questions

Can I get my wisdom teeth pulled at PdC Dentistry?

We do extract 3rd molars at the office. Each individual case is different. Each patient needs a consult to determine if their molars can be extracted at our office.

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Can I get braces at PdC Dentistry?

We do provide limited orthodontics at our office. We provide orthodontic consults to determine if a patient can be treated at our office.

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Do you provide sedation dentistry?

We do provide Nitrous Oxide Gas for our patients upon request. Nitrous Oxide is not a covered benefit through most insurance plans.

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I’m a new patient, what paperwork is required prior to my first appointment?

We can send you all necessary paperwork via mail or email. You may also stop into our office to get the paperwork. We also offer it online through our website.

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If I don’t have dental insurance do you make my dentistry more affordable?

We do offer a 5% general discount for patients who do not have insurance and pay in full at the time of service. There is a 10% senior discount for the patients who are uninsured and pay in full at the time of service. We do also offer in house payment plans as well as accepting most major credit cards.

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Do you accept BadgerCare or Medicare?

We do not accept Badger Care or Medicare insurance.

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